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Acer Academy: Teaching Teachers through Technology
Acer Academy: Teaching Teachers through Technology

Acer Academy: Teaching Teachers through Technology

Today’s generation grew up in the age of technology that it has become a natural tool for learning. While traditional methods equip students with the knowledge they need, the use of technology enables students to apply what they’ve learned in a real-world setting. However, more than how technology has transformed learning, the bigger challenge is how educators today who are less tech-savvy than their students can maximize the potential of technology in the classroom.

This is the very challenge that Acer strives to overcome for education in the Philippines. Over 100 schools and universities have partnered with one of the top ICT companies in the world through Acer Academy. The program provides educational institutions around the country access to quality hardware, software and services that can improve the learning system of future professionals.

Aside from coding, teachers also tested some of the 8-application package in the CloudProfessor kit such as the temperature and light sensors, and fans that hones students’ creativity and critical thinking.

Acer Academy provides innovative delivery of education by digitizing teaching tools such as online syllabi, web-based worksheets and modules and electronically programmed learning activities. With the help of these tools, educators adapt effective teaching methods. At the same time, students are provided the opportunity to learn skills that can be relevant to their future professions.

This complements the Department of Education’s (DepEd) drive for the use of technology in improving the country’s education system. The DepEd’s ICT roadmap aims to transform the education landscape in the Philippines through technology, including the introduction of gamification or the use of gaming in giving instructions to students. More public schools can soon learn coding and robotics programs that are fundamental to students as they enter the information age. For this to happen, educators need to be adequately trained and well-adapted to the new learning environment that technology has created.

Alex De Guzman, Business Development Manager of Acer Philippines Inc. (leftmost), and Kevin Chuang Business Development Manager of Acer Asia Pacific (rightmost) hosted the Train the Trainer program for the faculty of Asian College of Technology. Teachers learned how to use Acer’s IoT sandbox, the CloudProfessor.


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