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Aboitiz Land, Aboitiz Foundation, and the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary Forge Partnership for Community Development

Aboitiz Land, Aboitiz Foundation, and the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary Forge Partnership for Community Development

In a significant move to bolster community development efforts, the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary (PCGA), Aboitiz Land, and Aboitiz Foundation inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on February 19, 2024. This landmark collaboration underscores a shared commitment to addressing critical aspects of environmental sustainability, livelihood programs, and disaster response.

The partnership, spearheaded by Aboitiz Land, recognizes the role of organizations in sustaining ecosystems and livelihoods, emphasizing the importance of promoting biodiversity and responsible environmental practices.

Environmental sustainability is a cornerstone of the memorandum, symbolizing a shared commitment to preserving the diverse ecosystems of the Philippines. Leveraging the expertise and manpower provided by PCGA alongside Aboitiz’s resources, the partnership aims to implement initiatives that safeguard clean surroundings and promote sustainable practices.

Moreover, the collaboration extends its impact to livelihood programs, aiming to empower local communities. By leveraging the PCGA’s grassroots reach and Aboitiz’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, the partnership seeks to enhance economic well-being through skill development programs and sustainable economic activities.

The Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary has been Aboitiz Land’s steadfast partner for its pawikan conservation projects, and outreach and disaster response activities in Luzon and Cebu. 

Recognizing the importance of effective disaster response, the partners pledge to strengthen community resilience. Through joint training programs and infrastructure development, the collaboration aims to bolster disaster preparedness and response mechanisms in local communities.

The memorandum signing underscores the significance of public-private partnerships in addressing national challenges. By focusing on environmental sustainability, livelihood programs and disaster response, the partnership sets a positive example of how collective efforts can benefit Filipino communities, fostering their well-being and resilience amidst evolving challenges.


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