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917Ventures launches Concati one-stop API hub for faster time to market

917Ventures launches Concati one-stop API hub for faster time to market

Globe’s venture builder 917Ventures has launched Concati, a one-stop application programming interface (API) marketplace, where developers can access high-quality APIs to effortlessly enhance existing solutions and get to market faster.

This suite of secure, scalable, and enterprise-grade APIs can be easily integrated into an organization’s digital systems, allowing companies to come up with better products more quickly. Users can cut their building costs and development time by one to two months.

Concati APIs work well with all major development languages. Developers can simply use the technology they are most familiar with.

“We are excited to introduce Concati to developers around the world for an elevated user experience among their customers.  Anyone creating a new web or mobile application can benefit from the flexibility and convenience that Concati provides.  The APIs are also relatively cheaper compared to their regional and international counterparts,” said Mikey Garrovillo, Head of Product, Technology and Data for 917Ventures.

With an easy-to-use API management platform, businesses can explore and connect seamlessly.  Concati also offers reliable maintenance and aftersales support.

Available APIs include Address Service, Centralized Logistics, Consent Management, Feedback Service, Inventory Service, Leaderboard and Missions, Maintenance Service, OTP Service, Push Notifications, Referral Service, Scheduling Service, Voucher Service, and User Service.

You may sign up and create a Concati account on https://concati.com. Concati provides free 500 credits for developers to consume when they try out the APIs.


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