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6 things the British Council’s newest Learning Hub offers to potential IELTS test takers

6 things the British Council’s newest Learning Hub offers to potential IELTS test takers

Together with the celebration of its 40th  year in the Philippines, the British Council opened the doors of its new Learning Hub last 18 May 2018 at The Curve, Bonifacio Global City. The Learning Hub   is   a   centre   for   learning   English   and   preparing   for   English   tests,  particularly   the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

Yearly, tens of thousands take IELTS to fulfil requirements for employment, study or migration to  English-speaking  countries  like  the  United  Kingdom,  Australia,  Canada,  United  States  and Ireland.  Through  the  Learning  Hub,  IELTS  test  takers  can  avail  of  high-quality  and  reliable services to help them prepare for their tests and achieve their best possible scores in the IELTS.

Here  are  some  of  the  offers  available  at  the  British  Council  Learning  Hub  that  potential  test takers of IELTS can expect:

  1. IELTS Orientation

The IELTS Orientation is a free 2-hour talk for those who plan to take IELTS test.  This seminar  provides  attendees  with  an  overview  of  the  IELTS  test,  the  different  test sections and tips and techniques to achieve their desired band score

  1. One-day preparation workshops

The IELTS One-day Preparation Workshop familiarises test takers  with the test format, along with test-taking tips and techniques. The workshop takes a practical approach to learning  covering  all  four  sections  of  the  IELTS  test:  Listening,  Reading,  Writing  and Speaking. This is open to both registered and non-registered test takers for a fee.

  1. Writing workshops

The IELTS Exceed Writing Workshop aims to assist IELTS test takers and prepare them for  the  Writing  section  of  the  IELTS  test.  It  uses  content  derived  from  evidence-based research using the writing task outputs of IELTS test takers in the Philippines. This offer was  developed  by  a  group  of  British  Council  IELTS  practitioners  to  address  common mistakes in the Writing section. This is a free offer to all British Council IELTS-registered test takers.

  1. IELTS Pre-tests

Organised  in  partnership  with  Cambridge  Assessment  English,  IELTS  pre-tests  allow potential  IELTS  test  takers  to  experience  a  simulation  of  the  actual  IELTS  test.  Test takers  answer  sample  questions  under  test  conditions  and  receive  raw  scores  from IELTS  test  administrators  and  markers.  Through  the  raw  scores  given,  test  takers  can have  an  idea  about  the  test  sections  they  need  more  work  on  and  increase  their confidence in taking the actual test. The IELTS Pretest is offered free quarterly to British Council-registered test takers.

  1. Information sessions

IELTS Information Sessions, conducted through the British Council’s expansive network of partners, aim to inform potential IELTS test takers about the different destinations all over the world where IELTS is  recognised. Details and steps  on how to secure visa for work, study or immigration are discussed along with how IELTS can help test takers land their dream countries of destination.

  1. Resource library

The IELTS Library houses a full shelf of IELTS books, practise test materials, audio CDs, and other resources made available for British Council IELTS test takers. Test takers are given  unlimited  access  to  this  library  and  may  schedule  their  visit  through  the  British Council IELTS website.

The new British Council Learning Hub is located at the British Council’s new office on the 7th floor of The Curve at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig City. To learn more about the learning hub, the IELTS test and the British Council, visit their website at or connect with them on social media via Facebook:

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