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3 Tips on How to Look for your Dream Property Easily
3 Tips on How to Look for your Dream Property Easily

3 Tips on How to Look for your Dream Property Easily

Are you one of those people who dreamt of having their own property or house?

You want a property which is strategically and conveniently to accessible to public transportation, business centers, schools and other public places. After imagining what you want in a property, you already have saved or found means to pay for it. But the problem is, you don’t know where to start. You are now thinking to go for it and make that dream into a reality but there are challenges — 1) lack of time to go real estate hopping 2) looking for brokers 3) looking for properties that are within your preference and many more.

If you are this person, we like to help by giving you 3 tips on how to look for your dream property easily online.

Tip #1. Know your must haves and priorities

Do you want a property that is near to your work or school? Are you specific with your budget?

With lots of cities to choose from and on “Sale” properties in different locations, always consider the necessities that you want to be accessible when you’re already staying in that place. This will give you your decision-points and will narrow your choices from various on-sale properties.

Also, take note that when considering your priorities and must haves in choosing the location for you, think of how the property will bring long-term benefits with the amount that you’re going to pay for it. It this sense, you got your priorities and investments altogether.

Tip #2. Choose someone you can trust

Do you have a lot of friends to ask around for recommendation of brokers? Or you will just try calling a random person’s contact details in a flyer?

Choosing someone you can trust to look for the right property for you is quite challenging especially when you’re not yet familiar with the real estate business. It is better to look for someone who is reliable and professional at the same who is knowledgeable on the industry. The right broker will open up your mind about your options and risks. They will be there to make things understandable and easy for you.

Tip #3. Take it online and save time

With the advanced technology, you can now easily search everything online. This also includes real estate. It will not only save time for you but it will actually lessen the effort that you will exert in looking for the right property. As a matter of fact, there are reputable sites that can make your property-hunting effectively and efficiently like Hoppler.

Similar to what I have said in Tip #2, you need professional and trustworthy brokers that will lead you to your dream property. Hoppler Associates is the network of professional brokers across the country that is connected through the Hoppler Technology which aims to help you find the right one broker/owner/buyer for you.

When you’re looking for a website and mobile app that shows properties that  are handled by qualified and dependable brokers, as well as direct owners, Hoopler  App is suited for you. It will give you one broker which they call “Hoppler Associate” that will know everything and will coordinate in your behalf. This will be convenient for you and the owner since there is already a point person working for it.

But Hoppler is not only advantageous to the Buyer but also to the Owner and Broker, since the quality of the transaction or communication between the people using the website and app are assured to be professional and reliable to meet common purposes.

You may visit their website www.hoppler.com.ph to explore more and know about the benefits of Hoppler.

Hoppler Rewards

More than a hundred attendees came together last September 30, 2018 for the third Hoppler Dialogues, co-presented with Homespace360 held at the Microsoft Philippines in Makati City.  The theme of the event was Leveraging Your Real Estate Business in a Competitive Market in which industry experts were invited to present insights on the real estate market and provide relevant strategies on standing out in the competitive landscape of the industry.

Hoppler CEO Ramon Ballesca Jr. introduced the latest Hoppler Rewards incentive for all partner brokers. By simply signing up and uploading 20 properties, brokers are eligible to win a trip to Taiwan for 4 days and 3 nights.

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