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3 Reasons the Epson Business Inkjet Printers with RIPS technology are better than laser printers
3 Reasons the Epson Business Inkjet Printers with RIPS technology are better than laser printers

3 Reasons the Epson Business Inkjet Printers with RIPS technology are better than laser printers

Epson printers are equipped with new technologies that can make day-to-day office  work more faster and productive. Among these cutting-edge technologies is the Replaceable Ink Pack System (RIPS), which is now integrated in some Business Inkjet printers.  This technology is designed to provide the ease-of-use of a cartridge-based system combined with the high volume printing of an ink tank printer.

Here are three reasons how Business Inkjet Printers with RIPS can help organizations improve their business operations:

1. High productivity

For businesses with huge printing requirements, speed and page yield are crucial to ensuring productivity. With RIPS, printing is made even faster and more convenient since it has a far higher volume of ink compared to traditional cartridges.

A regular inkjet printer can produce eight to 10 pages per minute (ppm), while an inkjet printer with RIPS can produce up to 100 pages per minute and more than 75,000 pages before timing out.

For a better perspective, Epson’s WorkForce Pro WF-C869R with RIPS can print up to 86,000 pages in black and 84,000 pages in color without interruption. Equipped with PrecisionCore technology, this inkjet printer has no warm-up time, allowing for a first-page-out time of fewer than six seconds, as well as default print speeds of up to 24ipm and draft speeds of up to 35 ppm for both black and color prints.

RIPS printers employ 11 printheads clustered together side by side, it ensures that the device can print excellently and more efficiently. It also eliminates the issue of using the conventional printhead and cartridge arrangement, which forces the users to replace both once the ink cartridge is empty.

2. Scalability

Aside from quality printouts, Epson Business Inkjet Printers with RIPS are also developed to tackle the complex paper-handling demands of businesses. With its flexibility features, each unit can handle different paper sizes and types.

Epson RIPS printers can be upgraded to include more paper cassettes. For instance, WorkForce Pro WF-C869R comes with a rear feed slot, which can handle up to 85 sheets, as well as two cassettes, which can handle 250 and 500 sheets, respectively.

The users may also opt to upgrade the unit and include two more optional cassettes, each can handle 500 sheets, and an additional cabinet placed at its bottom part. Overall, each unit’s total input capacity can be scaled up to 1,835 sheets.

3. Cost-efficiency and minimized consumable wastes

The main advantage with RIPS costs less to operate and produces lower wastage.

With ink refills supplied in soft foil packs, businesses can recycle more efficiently and are spared from the hassle of arranging the disposal of cartridges. This means that it is easier for organizations to demonstrate their conservational efforts and improve the sustainability of office printing that will leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Furthermore, Inkjet RIPS printers, such as the Epson WorkForce Pro Business Inkjet Printers, use no heating elements and consume less energy than laser printers, which in turn reduces the running costs. And since they have a simpler mechanism with fewer periodic replacement parts, they require less effort for maintenance and with less downtime in business operations.

Now more than ever, businesses have the freedom to boost their operations by utilizing the accessibility, reliability, and high-quality attributes of their inkjet printers. And with game-changing inkjet technologies like RIPS, these tools become even more efficient in cutting costs and mitigating environmental impacts.

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